About the Ma5da Racing 2011 Championships

Ma5da MX5 Championship - (mk1)

With 117 cars registered for the 2011 season it is set to be even bigger than 2010. Already recognised as the largest single make, single class championship in the UK, the championship continues to grow in popularity and grid sizes. With an average capacity of 90 race cars per event for 2011, using multiple qualifying sessions which in turn produces groups of drivers who then race each other so that all drivers complete either a double or triple header event. 9 race weekends, 20 races at some of the largest circuits in the UK and Knockhill, in Scotland for 2011, the action will continue and should not be missed, either by attending the event or through the extensive coverage on MotorsTV.

Ma5da MX5 CUP (mk3)

Having gained full MSA Championship status for 2011, after a series of races in 2010, there are now 34 cars built for the first year of the Championship. The all new Mazda mk3 race car has been specifically adapted for the race track using a purpose built Safety Devices roll cage, GAZ Shocks control suspension, ROTA wheels with Federal Tyres and an enhanced re-map of the ECU by SanSpeed producing over 170PS. An average of 2 seconds per minuet of track time faster than the Mazda mk1's. This all new Championship has consistently defied the current economic climate and is set to follow in the footsteps of it's sister Championship for the mk1's. Evenly matched race cars, under controlled regulations, ensuring driver performance and not driver budget gains podium finishes. The MX5 CUP is contested over 9 events, with 20 races at the same weekends as the mk1 MX5 Championship. See all of the action either live or through extensive separate coverage on MotorsTV.

"2010 was a bumper year for Ma5da Racing with the unprecedented entries for the mk1 MX5 Championship and at the same time a full year of development and testing of the mk3 MX5 CUP cars. 2011 has boomed once again as the Ma5da Championships continue in both development and popularity. The Ma5da Racing team have continued to deliver high profile with inexpensive racing for the competitors and this is set to be even more popular in 2011. If you have not seen the racing already, you are about to witness some of the best car racing in Europe. Welcome to the 2011 Ma5da MX5 Championships"

- Jonathan Blake (Championship Director, Ma5da Racing)